Tuesday, July 7, 2009

you missed me ...I know I know

I needed a minute to catch my breath - literally.
The night before last we decided to give our 'new' smoker a whirl and ever since this I've been suffering the consequences. The combination of mesquite smoke, charcoal briquettes and the rest of the neighborhood bbq'ing their own meals for the long holiday weekend has left an accumulated hazardous haze hanging overhead.
The delectable soot has settled heavily into my already damaged lungs and I'm gasping anew. In between every delicious chomp into a turkey dinner I'm rewarded with a wheeze or a cough.
My green eyes are rimmed in red, the lids puffy and irritated.
when I take a breath, its a gasp like a fish out of water takes - a gulp and swallow...which I even follow up with a yawn (the obvious sign that one is lacking in oxygen).

too bad we don't get our oxygen absorption in other ways because this breathing shit is a lot of work!