Thursday, October 6, 2011


always laugh at your own misfortunes because crying about them isn't going to change a thing

Monday, October 3, 2011

oops, my bad

“I’m Sorry”
This is becoming the catch-phrase, or perhaps the universal trump card of sorts to anything you do wrong. It trips out of the mouth so easily and these days everyone just accepts the easy apology even though there’s absolutely no sincerity behind the sentiment.
’m ‘orry
‘m ‘orry…it’s muttered so quickly and without a meaningfully glance or meeting you square in the eyes which would help reinforce the truth of the deliverance.

When I was growing up and you did something wrong you were expected to ‘apologize’ and let me tell you, that almost HURT because it smacked of damaged pride because you always felt you were right and they were wrong.

Good manners would be to forgive and forget.

Some people even use the phrase to fill in the void of true conversation because they can’t form enough conversation, they feel inadequate or belittled or feel like they are going to screw up …might as well apologize in advance.

I won’t say I’m sorry for who I am.
I’m definitely not going to change because I offend you with my outspoken behaviors, but I’ll make an effort not to shit in your Wheaties.