Friday, July 3, 2009

have you ever noticed...

The hottest (or coldest) of days will be the one's that you have the day off of work to spend with your loved ones? However, they are just too frickin' uncomfortable to desire anything but drinks, rest, movies in bed, snuggling the kitties, and snacks in bed!

Car windows are now thankfully tinted with some form of UV protection barrier! Remember when you sat down, your shorts riding up your crack, and you were instantly scalded and the impression of the seats seam branded on your butt cheeks?

These days I have to wait a few minutes before actually sitting in the car and taking off to my destinations or the accumulated heat snatches the breath right out of me.
When we're going to go somewhere I'll have the man go out and turn the A/C on and get the car ready, almost like the old days up 'North' when we would have to warm the car up in the dead of we have to cool the car off just to take a drive.
A friend says today, driving in this heat without A/C is like turning on a blow-dryer and just keeping it right on your face!

Today, we went on one of those hot escapades to find the ultimate burger (one of the handful of menu items favored by man). Yep, in the heat we headed out in the buggy wearing our holiday best.

(okay I'm bullshitting you I had a "Bad Kitty" t-shirt on but it was BLING BLING! and Tom had on a gross old T-shirt that had bleach stains on it)

There's this tasty little greasy spoon we like to frequent, sort of out of the way but not too far off the trail. You wouldn't know it's there unless you were a local and I wouldn't go tripping into the joint except they had a great billboard down a piece extolling these delicious ground beef patties.
From the very first visit and every visit thereafter we are always greeted with 'HowY'all's!?!
feels equivalent to the cheer of "Norm!" from Cheers'.

Have you ever noticed that no matter if the meal is/isn't gourmet and if you are/aren't all gussied up that there is still something special about getting out of the house and letting someone else bring you a plate that you didn't have to prepare yourself?