Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bend over and Smile

Luminous and spheroid, his grin is maniacal the last couple of evenings and I am quickly reminded why I try to avoid most humans during the full moon.

The effects of the full moon are actually very well proven, behaviors are erratic in people that would otherwise act 'normally' or at least they wouldn't be so obnoxious that they'd be under my radar and ridicule.

Crazies will go out of their way to out-do their regular behaviors during the full moon.

While making an order at a well known fast food restaurant (yummm Frosties) the manager on duty was haranguing her pitiful underpaid and unimpressed employees.
"What the Hell is wrong with you, I told you that you need 4 buns for this order. Why are you using so much mustard, why are you so stupid, can't you get anything right, do I have to keep showing you over and over again..."

I stood there at the counter listening and witnessing this browbeating, the manager (a diminutive 40 something) was standing right on top of a young Latina woman while she was trying to prepare these sandwiches.

My first thought was, which I naturally said out loud - "Who the fuck is that and why would anyone stand for this mistreatment? if you MUST work in food service because there are no other jobs...McDonald's is hiring next door!"

Leave it to me (and if the man is with me) to start stirring the pot when the pot is already boiling.
The cashier is fit to be tied and she's hoping that our order will be processed quickly and we will move on because now we're drawing attention to this dreadful woman. Praying that it all ends soon so that she won't come and start criticizing her work at the drawer and will instead continue her attack on the kitchen workers.

Hubby orders a side salad, one of the employees brings it out and from the back the manager looks up to the order board and says, "did anyone get that salad?!" in a shrill voice.

So husband says, "Yah someone got it, but there's only FOUR cucumber slices in there and I said NO TOMATO!"