Tuesday, August 4, 2009

what makes a dog go wonkers?

I'm pretty curious because for the last several days now my ridiculous 7 month old bitch Helen (soon to be spay) has been seeing dead people (or is it dead-dogs?). She walks about the yard and suddenly acts as if something has nipped her heels or goosed her ass and yips, runs, then tucks her tail between her legs.

This has become tiresome to say in the least because we have a lovely large yard for playing in and yet she's now hanging out on the patio and crapping there. I'm not in the mood to step out onto turdlettes each day. The other 2 canine companions think she's a fool, are out having a romp in the yard and look at her like, "You are a dork!"

This morning I spent 1 hour scrubbing floors, this upcoming weekend I am going to try my hand being Bob Villa and recreating the Potty Patch

The temperatures here in central Texas continue to soar into the 100s. Try as much as I would like to, potty training isn't working for 3 small dogs indoors and so the little shitheads MUST go outside. Poncho has been trained for years - BUT NOW there are 2 extras.

I've just gone out and fashioned little doggy swimming pools from unused cat litter trays (shut up - I'm resourceful) and the 2 that are not paranoid are lounging in their Beverly Hills lagoons, tongues lolling and occasionally lapping up a few cool drinks while Dorko runs to and fro.

She first approaches Poncho and looks to him, he is the veteran doggy in this home. There's askance in her dark brown eyes but he rebuffs her, "Get lost silly dog".

Poncho really could care less about this new little bitch (Helen), even though she's fun to play with now and then when the mood fills him.

She's generally too rough with him, he's only 7 wee pounds and she a hulking 11 by now, built like a beer barrel. She literally tumbles him over, pulling on his satellite dish shaped ears. He often just gets pissed off enough that he gets himself geared up like the Roadrunner and zooms all over the yard attacking her in a dive-bomb fashion until she rolls onto her back and gives up.

Now she's run back to the house, but not without imagining the hounds of Hell biting her heels again. YIP YIP YIP.
The neighbors are sure to think I'm jamming chopsticks into her and getting ready to shishkabob her for the grill or smoker.
She's crashed head first into the sliding glass patio door, high tails it back out to the yard and heads back out to Jake now.

Jake is our ridiculously stupid blue and gold Yorkie who joined our family on my birthday this year. A good friend graciously allowed me to adopt him, this was while I was looking to adopt Helen.
Little did I know I'd find her soon after getting Jake.
before I knew it we had 3 dogs instead of just one.
(lucky hubby who didn't want ANYMORE dogs).

Jake has 3 brain cells
1 for eating
1 for sleeping
1 for pissing where he's not supposed to in my house.

My good friend sent him home to me before he was neutered, ARGHHHH - I adore her (my friend) but Jake was a retired breeding dog but not retired enough so his Jake-jock was still active and I'm still waiting for his pecker to stop working overtime.

So now I'm so curious, what happens to make a dog turn into a big sissy? I'm looking around the yard and searching for what's different, hmmmm lemme see. we've got 3 new garbage barrels but she doesn't usually walk near that end of the yard. Hell neither do I.

The night before we had opossums in the yard eating out of her snack bowl, she did run out to chase them off but they did not charge her or even hiss as they were young and inexperienced. I haven't seen any snakes. She doesn't have any injuries or burrs in her coat to cause her pain, but she did dig a few holes in the yard.
I'm wondering if she hit a few stones and it was uncomfortable and now when she steps near those holes she is reminded?

However! Cesar (hubba hubba) says dogs live in the moment - so move on dumbass!