Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bottom's Up

A new mother is out to lunch with her husband and baby. They are having a wonderful time laughing and smiling over the table top - occasionally reaching across the length of the Formica top to grasp hands and exchange a look.

This mom has done the near impossible, at least in my eyes, and dropped the baby weight quickly because her figure is cute enough to have on low rise hip hugging jeans and a snug brightly colored midriff t-shirt. She even has on some hootchie high heeled sandals that make my own feet hurt with the idea of walking around all day shopping on those murderous things.

What she HASN'T purchased since the weight loss however, is new lingerie and she's still wearing her granny-panties.
My girlfriend and I are laughing ourselves silly watching her as she rises from her bench seat, hands the baby over to her loving husband and leaves to head towards the restroom.

We are spellbound, in a fit of giggles watching this as it happens in slow motion - mom is about 5'2 and no more than 120 pounds. She is smiling ear to ear with pride, the love is shining in her eyes and on her face and she leans in to land a great big kiss on her husband's lips as he tips his face upwards.

While leaning over the table, her ass is jutting outward into the aisle like a prized lapdancer posing her wares. Knees slightly bent in as she leans over the table, her arms pressing down onto the table elbows locked in place with her shoulders proudly rolled forward and her hair hanging forward into her face.
She is oblivious to the display of excessive fabric being aired for all to see.

Now being of the female persuasion, I know all too well that this display of affection is not just for her husband's love but for a show for all the rest of us to see as well. Every good woman knows that this production is to exploit what the good Lord has given us to see, for our man and for anyone else to see.

If we've enticed everyone else AND our man noticed that means he's not only going to be a little jealous he's also going to be a little proud that we are his. He's going to be proud as a peacock that he 'owns' that and he'll take a little more effort to show us off later on.

Her kiss lingers a moment, she gives an extra quick tickle to her babies nose and then stands up and starts to shimmy her way to the back of the restaurant. Her husband's gaze follows her and when it does...he sees ...her great big granny panties in all their glory.

They are shell pink and polyester and somewhere around a size 14 compared to her diminutive size 4. The amount of fabric coming out of the tops of her jeans looked like her Levi's were throwing up a pillowcase.
It looks the way pantyhose fall down when stretched out and wrinkled at the ankles of little old ladies in cartoons except this was bunched up at her waist; since her jeans were low rise and her shirt was a midriff...everything was there for the viewing!

His gaze and his smile disappears when he sees her walk a few steps away and he turns his attention back to the baby and starts to chew on his food, quickly forgetting his romantic moment - the twinkle disappearing from his eyes.

When saggy bottoms returns, she's tucked her shorts back in thankfully but sadly for us because we were ready with our camera this time around!