Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ancient Buffet

Old folks are a riot to watch, dontcha think?

The older I get, the more I enjoy watching them for the humor and the humility it brings to me. It wont be long before I'm in the same position. There are already plenty of days where I'm off my rocker and damn screwy!

I wonder how nutty I'll be?
If I will make it into my late 60s?

Recently while geezer watching at a buffet in town, we had the real treat of having a whole table of Depends reliant seated next us. It was an outing which looked like Ron Howard's old farts from Cocoon (Don Ameche and Wilford Brimley) and they were deeply enthralled with the variety of treats to be found on all the hot tables in the center of the room.

I could barely hold a conversation with the husband because I wanted to catch every word that this group of prune dependents had to speak about. They had close to 500 years of combined wisdom in the accumulated years amongst them and I was the fly on the wall to gather Intel.

What fascinating stories ...what sagas to soak my mind in...I would be clueless if one boastful fellow told another a canard, just as long as it was juicy!

The time we spent listening, we spent giggling at the group. They found such joy over the variety of food, trying to hear one another (calling in their outside voices that we'd ask children to never use inside), and even using potty humor when it was time to start saying goodbye.
Literal potty humor because one gentleman had a day nurse that demanded he go use the restroom now or she'd make him piss on the curb where she'd pull over because she wasn't going to stop at any gas stations or restaurants along the way.

The genuine affection they had for one another really brought a smile to me, it reminded me of the irascible behavior of my father in his older age.

If by chance I get to be an old fogy,I really hope that I have the same zeal for life PLUS I hope I look great when I'm ancient.

My sense of humor; I doubt it can be dented... there's far too many funny things going on to slow me down.

But gravity is a bitch and it's already yanked a few other things down so please, try not to pull my face down and make me look like an American Bulldog!

It's bad enough I have tits like a cover of National Geographic.