Wednesday, June 24, 2009

while babes sleep

Staccato are the sounds of his breath emanating from his sinus; the occasional flurry of grunts and chortles followed again by a sigh and then return of steady breathing.
Why has our maker made men so simple?

I suppose this is a rhetorical question because I already have formed my own answers so long ago.

Will I impart some of my feminine wisdom, certainly!

In my experiences with the 'stronger' gender I've witnessed that they have an innate ability to put all the troubles of the day to rest when it's time to sleep. A high percentage of the time they put all the troubles of the day, the week, and the goings on in life to rest when its time for sex, and they put every trouble to rest when they are watching their favorite program on the television.

Quite simply there is an invisible barrier that allows for nothing but sleep, sex or allowed/perceived happiness to infiltrate!
Nothing will penetrate the fortress they've built around their noggin'!

When it's time for sleep, the female counterpart will go about rituals which may or may not include the visit to the bathroom to have a final exodus of the evening meal. A brief but perfunctory brushing of the teeth and then a splash in the shower resulting in wet floors and wet counter-top, the days soiled clothing and underpants heaped onto the floor, his foot prints leading a trail back to the bed.

Brief goodnights are expressed, a brief rehash of the plans for tomorrow and then the light is turned off (CLICK). The sound of his head (ohhhffffff) softly collapsing upon his pillow, a groan as he rolls into a position that best suits and takes away whatever aches his aging bones, and he is already breathing deeply - the sound lulling and amazing...the sound of someone who is truly at peace and ready for sleep.
The day could have had a high speed race, the barn could have been lit a-fire from the gas-can igniting in the 112 degree heat,
apocalypse of nuclear war has been announced on the evening news and the car has a slow-leak in the rear right tire but none of this matters because it's time for him to sleep and he intends on getting that sleep.

men will sleep while women will worry -
I lay awake .....