Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Satan is a Dentist

It hurts; I'm in agony - I've tried to explain this a few times yet you repeat to me "so your in discomfort?"
"What the fuck don't you understand when I tell you that I'm in agony?"
This is the response I have to give the dentist when I've returned only 2 weeks after having had crowns put in. Now I don't know why my mouth hurts, maybe it is the crowns or maybe it's the delicious candy I love to chew on or maybe it's the hillbilly genetics that are my teeth but I AM in agony and that's that.
So, tell me Dr. (ya, like in the movie "Hangover" he's not a doctor...he's a Dentist <>) what is wrong and how are you going to help me today?
Today I skipped taking the ohhhh so lovely Triazolam - can you say that with me boys and girls? Triazolam, that's a prescription drug substitution for Halcion which is a benzodiazepine. It is a member of class of drugs which are used as tranquilizers. They are, in short, the best prescription I've ever been given to cope with a visit to Satan.
For years I've made myself physically ill dreading the visits to Lucifer but finally one day I was Googling ways to cope and came across a few websites about offices that offered ways to deal with it. That they had a 'little pill' that would help you deal with the whole visit,that entire procedures could be done with little to no pain or memory!
I said, "SIGN ME UP!"
When it was time to go back in, (well it's always time to go back in since I have hillbilly genetics involving my teeth) I inquired about this miracle pill and they were very willing to help me get through my fears and telephoned in 4 precious pills for my visit.

The little pill, blue and oval in shape (gosh it's a Viagra!) really does the trick because no sooner did I put that baby in my mouth than I was knocked on my ass and blubbering away the first major visit. Apparently I was moderately cooperative during the procedure and afterwards the husband took advantage of my silly antics and trotted me around to do errands and have lunch with me in public. Sure, that had to be fun - I'll poke fun at myself because I allowed for it to happen but it won't happen again.

Back to today's torture, I was actually scheduled to go this Friday but because every time I put a fork in my mouth with a scrumptious bite to eat I am instantly taken into a realm of pain unlike any previously experienced. Believe me when I say, I know pain and this is some that I don't care to wish upon anyone else (ok I know of one person with red hair from a bottle that can have a dose of it but she'll burn in her own Hell before too long).

Since I've been having to make a habit of eating 800mg of Motrin and another 500 of Tylenol about 20 minutes before EVERY meal just to swallow my dinner the move to push the appointment closer up in the week was pretty important. Beelzebub was gone on a 10 day vacation and couldn't see me any sooner than this; his staff offered to send me out of office to see his "Uncle" who was also a Dentist in town but I passed since I would have to get a new dose of courage to enter yet another Labyrinth of Abaddon.

I didn't take the pill today, I needed to be able to be cognitive of the situation. Explained where and what hurt and how and why it did and WHEN it happened. He (Leviathan) was sympathetic with his puppy eyes and poked around with his sadistic tools and then said, "do you..."and I interrupted with "brux"? and he said, "yes..do you have problems with bruxism?"

yes I do, I'm a nervous unhappy uptight anxious person and even more so the night before a dental visit!
so it turns out, guess what children - my grinding is what's causing this agony for me and there's no fix except to STOP bruxating! holy fuck and shit on a stick.

I am home and now I'm going to take that Halcion AFTER the dentist and sleep because I deserve it.