Saturday, December 18, 2010

not much to write but so much to say

I have had too much to write lately but so much of it personal that it would have blown your mind or hurt your widdle-feewings so you didn't get none.

instead I'll give you an exerpt of a chat today.

he says, "cuz god gave us this big apple and said don't touch,don't think about touching it,don't sing bout touching it, don't sing about thinking a bout touching he said don't touch it"

I reply, "I'm going to eat the apple. First off ,I'm going to touch it, rub it, lick it, then chomp into it and make a lot of noise about it.
I might even wave it around a little bit and let all the juice roll down my wrist while it's in the air before bringing it back down to my mouth and taking another bite.
If God is real, he'll forgive my sins
ta da!"