Tuesday, November 23, 2010

edumakated - I wuz skooled

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Books!
This is how Kimberly the plump pallid pigtailed girl behind the desk pitched librarian speak to me today when she handed over my shiny new card.

It has been 22 years since I've entered the musty tomes of a library and why would I return after all of these years? There are all sorts of reasons but one stands front and center in my mind.

This is probably very silly to you, my fond readers  (1 of you in particular) but after reading a "NOTES" (on Facebook) challenge that said the BBC believes most people will have only read 6 of these 100 noted books, I thought, "WHAT THE FUCK - is someone indicating that we are all illiterates?". By the way you 2 knuckle fucks, I had 31 of them fully read and quite a few more partially accomplished.

This has been bugging the shit out of me for a couple of days now so I took the initiative, went to my local book peddler and plucked my first 2 unread classics off the shelves to get started. Let me tell you something.
First off, the customers of a library haven't changed all that much.

There are the students with noses tucked deep into books and spiral bound notebooks on tables beside them with post-it note flags sailing at varying levels within the books.

Mothers flipping through periodicals while the children happily read large colorful hard backed books and then the strange ones that are pecking away at the computer pods, trying to turn their body and shield the screen from prying eyes - we all know they have some naughty bits they are looking at even though it's not allowed. 

footsteps are muffled by the carpet, sunlight streaming through the sky lights and slight murmur of the librarians as they assist people checking out.

This 100 book this was really on my mind so I DID research to find that the first Google hit was actually a meme.

After it's all said and done - between the 100 books listed there are really only 67 "shared" between the BBC list and the facebook community created list.
I'm going to challenge myself to read the list, EXCEPT those fucking Harry Potter books over the next year. Perhaps I'll even blog about them something akin to Julie & Julia movie.

I'm a bright gal and can devote a few minutes a day to my classics AND my porn! shesh, multi-tasking isn't that difficult.