Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm only trying to help

Any means of concealment will not stop his heightened sense of hound-dogging.

WHO you ask?
The cat, Santana.

He has great big eyes that seem to never blink, he stares deep into your soul. Tilting his head slightly to one side and his ears cupped forward to capture your tender words. When you stroke your palm over his shoulders and scritch his head you are left with a feeling of peace and calm.

The way he stares at you it's as though he's waiting for a conversation, and if he could he would offer you advice. The comfort of his company and his rumbling purr are all that he has to offer instead.

He is a big muscular boy, lean and without the flab that you'd typically find with this breed. When he runs and plays those muscles ripple under thickly wrinkled skin.
I know, some people are completely turned off by these nudists but once you have held one I believe that they can convert you immediately. The texture of these oddities can remind one of many luxurious fabrics like velvet and some even say it is like holding a newborn baby.

Santana is the type of cat that takes your heart and stretches it out like warm taffy, stretches it out as far as possible and then winds the taffy tightly around his long knuckled oval paws.

I use taffy not only as a metaphor but as a symbol of one of his triggers of hound-dogging.

Something isn't right in this cat's head when it comes to sweets!
Generally you would expect a few things when it comes to your domesticated pets. Dogs, well dogs will beg for everything because dogs are like that. They will Hoover up the floor of every tasty morsel they find and they even like less than tasty morsels such as: cat box crunchies (turds coated in litter), remains of just about anything rotting in the yard or garden and even rocks.

Dogs are the most notorious patients in veterinary offices for having surgery to remove strange items from their stomach, causing dangerous blockages that will kill them. I'm talking about things as bizarre as kitchen knives, dozens of pairs of socks, your kitchen rugs and even Wii game controllers.

Cats though, cats are what you would think are dainty even picky eaters.
Kibble, maybe a treat of a can of tuna and a lick of cream but not this guy.
No sir, no way he has a sweet tooth or rather a snack craving and the lure of filling his tummy is very strong.

My cats are very well fed, we use a combination of a high end kibble as well as freshly prepared raw meat diet. This preparation can take quite a bit of time for the especially spoiled rotten and persnickety eaters, but I do not mind the effort because these are most certainly the only 'children' I will have.

(okay, so shoot me - I'm the weird crazy cat lady)

Santana is one of those, he's not all that keen on working with the bigger chunks of meat (what we like to call prey-model, this is basically large hunks of meat still attached to the bone or even the entire critter). Instead he wants me to process it through my meat grinder into a finer more palatable meal closer to the texture of hamburger. It still has the bone in it but he's not challenged with crushing it on his own, I suppose the savage beast in him is quite tame unless he can smell ....flour, sugar, honey and high fructose corn syrup!

The minute he hears the crumple or crinkle of the wrapper or bag your snack has come in he is snapped into command of execution ..'Aten-Hut'!

Those shoulders hunker down low while his bum comes up and his tail swings out straight from his body, balancing him for the pounce - he has his 'prey' in sight and the prey this day is the golden yellow sugar cookie I'd picked up earlier in the day to have as my late night snack.

This cookie is wrapped tightly in clear cellophane and has been hidden from view and scent because it was jammed down to the bottom of my over the shoulder nap-sack (that I'm grateful for the fashion world for taking back on). My bag had been tossed over the bedpost and then covered up with a mountain of other junk, my discarded clothing, a bath towel, a portion of the bedding...many layers of material that covered the scent trail from him. He knew it was in the room but he just didn't have the opportunity to hunt yet.

I'm not always a chocoholic, deep down I really like a simple cookie. Sugar cookies have always been a favorite of mine, especially if they have been rolled in large raw sugar on the top. I love to see the granules that scintillate as they hit the light, they remind me of tiny baguette diamonds or quartz. Imagine eating something so decadent as gemstones that taste so divine!

When I finally decided I was ready for this treat my mouth was watering, I'd pulled my bag out of the heap and laid it on the bed for a moment to go and fetch something. I don't remember what, I forget half the shit I'm doing anyhow and when I came back I even forgot that I wanted the cookie and went back to goofing around on the computer.

Cats coming and going about I didn't pay any special attention to the fact that my special sweet(s)heart was missing in action until I heard a rustling sound. Then I heard a sort of a wet slurping chomping masticating noise and I peered down to the floor only to see that a trail of cookie crumbs are scattered all over the floor leading to find him in the corner wit his prize.

He's huddled over the bundle and he's gnashing holes into the plastic, a paw holding down a corner that he has managed to unfold. With each successful mouthful of Saran Wrap he yanks free, a large chunk of cookie releases and he shakes it vigorously in his teeth to give it the final kill, chews and swallows.

"Santana!" He looks up, guilt in his eyes and crumbs on his lips, he stops and backs away from his cookie destruction.

"Why, why do you keep taking my cookies?"

There's a 5 quart bowel of food only feet away from this bakery butchery but I know the pussy will continue this bad habit forever.

Maybe it's because I toss animal crackers for him to fetch? Or have him sit up and beg for blackberry jam on toast?
I'm not going to lose weight by having snacks in bed ...and maybe he's just saying,

"I'm only trying to help you"