Monday, February 15, 2010

go left

Ever notice how we become completely dependent on our dominant hand?

When that happens we feel so helpless. It sure makes me stop to wonder what others go through when they are challenged with things much worse than something so simple as a boo-boo to the finger/thumb like I experienced this week.

What about those that are in serious accidents that leave them impaired for life? Left in chairs, or blinded or their families devastated to lose them forever when they are take from their lives?

Sure makes one wonder, we should definitely take stock in our good fortune.

Dumb ass me, I snuck up on Helen in the dark. She'd been barking her head off, at only Helen knows what. She doesn't always listen, hmmm I don't know if maybe I need to get her hearing tested sometime soon but my sly moves resulted in a fast snap and chomp on my thumb.

She is not a mean dog, never a growl or reason to think she's dangerous so I'm not going to be angry in the least let alone afraid of her but I'll say this, that frickin' hurt.

Didn't hurt anything like a cat bite (OH SHIT THAT'S THE WORST THING EVER) but it was damaging enough that I definitely would have benefited from a suture. That said, I won't make that trip to the ER & put myself nor the dog through rabies testing. She's had her vaccinations within the last 3 months, has the pearliest white teeth and I have enough antibiotics to treat a horse if necessary.

After putting her up in her crate I walked over to the kitchen sink blood oozing and dribbling in fat droplets along the path. The intense throbbing was surprising and I wondered just how much damage there was under all of that gore.

I turned on the faucet to a steady cool stream and jammed my injured paw underneath the stream, instantly sucking in a mouthful of cool air between clenched teeth and grimacing as the water parted a fat pad of torn flesh.

Her teeth had punctured the pad of my right thumb rather deep, scored along the side, cracked the nail about 1/3 of the way down going into the nail-bed and ripping off half of that. The rest of the nail-bed already turning a bright purplish hue announcing the bruising about to take place.

Still rinsing I reached for our foaming antibacterial soap and began the washing which wasn't pretty nor comfortable but it had to be done. The foam started white and soon lathering up to a sweet pink grapefruit color but I didn't find at this time my taste buds singing for even a tiny lick.

After this ritual I then grabbed for the first aid kit and went for more antiseptics and continued cleaning finally finishing off with some heavy duty pads and tape, not the easiest feat because years ago when I was a stupid 16 year old I'd made a mistake in the workplace and severed my LEFT thumb ...(its reattached) and I don't have the greatest mobility.

The waiting game began, husband was gone for the short time this all happened. He'd gone off to pick up a film for entertainment.

When he got home he was confronted with my Frankenstein thumb & I knew he'd have to redress it for me. He's a very sensitive man, just seeing it would give him more pain than I was feeling. Of course, when someone else touches your boo-boo's it also hurts more because they don't know the degree of pressure that you can tolerate..oh MAN I was crawling out of my skin when he put the bandage on.

He went so far as to find a nifty plastic hood on to keep me from bumping it on anything for a few days, redressing it every 8 hours.

Doing everything became a chore without that thumb! there went text messaging. There went my 90+ wpm typing and ...wiping my butt..well forget it.

If you're predominately right handed start practicing things with your left now!

Go left I say, learn to go with your left.
It might be 'handy'