Tuesday, January 19, 2010

rub my ass

Your first massage therapy session is probably a daunting session, you come in and meet a complete stranger and come to the realization that this stranger is about to fondle your naked body in a room...just the 2 of you!
Butterflies, their wings fluttering within your tummy. You feel the wings slapping away while you try to make up your mind if emancipation of body from clothing is really what you are ready for!

Most of us have trust issues and women in particular have issues with body image and acceptance. Do YOU have the courage to just get naked? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KFV9_pM2c0

In order to have a massage you actually have to take off your clothing, or as much as you are comfortable with removing to get to all of the spots that need soothing.
If your back aches, it only seems smart to remove your shirt.
If your legs hurt, it seems simple that your pants would come off
If everything screams in agony well then ...you will be stripped out of your skivvies and find yourself sliding under the soothing cotton sheets and waiting for the gentle hands to administer their healing hands...

The healing hands of a complete stranger!

Our bodies are our temples they say, and we are taught to cherish them and to never hand the keys to 'just anybody' let alone expose ourselves to strangers nor be so wanton as to let someone manhandle our flesh so intimately without having a relationship.
A relationship you say?

Yet, when we say to someone that we are getting a massage ...doesn't everyone just OOOHHH and AHHHHH in absolute jealousy?

How often do you hear, "OMG I wish I was getting that" or even mutterings of, "that bitch I can't believe she can afford that" and "she can't pay so-and-so bill but she can go and get a massage and her nails done?"
The finer things in life are often niceties such as manicures, pedicures, massages, maids, yard workers or an Au Pair for the little ones but let's look at this seriously.

What do we work for? What other reason other than to live and breath? Why should we only work to pay the bills and live hand to mouth; to simply exist and to never experience comfort and joy?
Every joy doesn't necessarily have to be epicurean nor do you have to live as a spartan, a world devoid of the sparkle and bling that we crave.

Treat yourself to things that make you happy and if it's extravagant, then so be it because we have only one life we are given so LIVE IT!

Live it naked as often as possible.